Athletic Muscle Program for Sports (PART 2)

Athletic Muscle Program for Sports is a Workout Program designed for athletes who want to add some SERIOUS MUSCLE MASS that will also help improve their ATHLETICISM. 

This is not your standard Bodybuilding/Fitness program, all the methods used in this program are specifically developed to improve Functional Hypertrophy. Meaning Muscle Mass that is Functional and therefore improves sport performance! 

This is PART 2 of the Athletic Muscle Program for Sports that consists of 6 total weeks of 4 workouts per week

This Program was carefully structured using the BEST  ways to increase functional hypertrophy (muscle mass that helps with sport performance).With this program the MAIN OBJECTIVE is to increase MUSCLE MASS that helps you in your Sport. Each Phase is specifically created to flow seamlessly with the next phase to assure constant progress and increased MUSCLE MASS and PERFORMANCE. 

After Purchase you will receive a Download Link for Instant access to the PDF and all the Exercise Videos (all videos are attached within the program through a link)  

(Check your spam folder should you not receive the email with the download)

What’s included?

  • 6 weeks of Training Programs (4 Workouts per Week) 
    • Strength and Functional Muscle #1 
    • Strength and Functional Muscle #2
    • Contrast/Peaking 
  • PDF Document with Workouts and General Training Information 
  • High-Quality Instruction Videos of every Exercise
  • Form Coaching (OPTIONAL) (through IG DM) (Purchase Separately) 

What’s the difference between PART 1 and PART 2?

  • PART 1 focuses on building a good base on that later we will build upon. Also, here we will fix all small imbalances and weaknesses that will hold you back from making the most progress. Then we will start putting on some serious MUSCLE MASS with specific methods to improve your body composition while IMPROVING your ATHLETICISM.
  • PART 2 is the continuation of the previous 6 Weeks, here things start to become more serious and will build more FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH AND MUSCLE. 

Can I start directly with PART 2?

  • We do not recommend starting with PART 2 because it will not produce the same results as if you have already done PART 1 and built the foundation. We recommend starting with PART 1 and then go on with PART 2 to make the MOST GAINS and increase your ATHLETICISM.  

Does this Program Include Form Coaching?

  • This Program does not include Form Coaching, however we have the option to purchase it separately on our website so you can get your form coached on any exercises you might need coaching.

Will I get too heavy and bulky and lose speed/athleticism with this program?

Absolutely Not, this program is made specifically for sports. All the muscle built within this program is functional - meaning it will improve your athleticism also. This is not your standard Bodybuilding/Fitness program, this program is for athletes that wanna be the best in their sport and need to add some size and muscle mass to help them be the best at their sport. 

I am not an Athlete, but I want to build muscle, is this program for me?

  • Absolutely, athletes will benefit mostly out of it because the muscle we build here is functional and will aid in athletic performance. But for non-athletes this is a great way to build muscle that will help in everyday Life.