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Adan Lopez

Adan was impressed with health, fitness and diet from an early age — following his father’s work interest with vitamins and supplements. Working at a gym, Adan was introduced to the Charles Poliquin training methods and he knew that he had found what he was looking for.  Getting trained and educated by Charles Poliquin, Adan catapulted himself into a spot on the Rookie Team for the US Olympic Bobsled Team.With his success in helping other athletes achieve similar gains to the one’s he himself has achieved, Adan rallied that creating his own gym and focused training environment was the way to go!

Eva Perry

From an early age, Eva was involved in sports.From learning how to swim at the YMCA as a kindergartner, she was “recruited” to join the children’s swim team. In Elementary School, she entered the world of triathlons. In Middle School and High School, she played Club Volleyball with Heat Elite, and the first dreams to go to the Olympics emerged. After graduating High School, she was named Volleyball Coach at her school, imparting her talent (such as the fabled floater serve) to the younger generation.  When she met Adan Lopez, it had become clear that a life of training, fitness and health was in their destiny.After having worked in 2 gyms, hitting the Olympic Hopefuls trail and getting educated in strength and fitness techniques, Eva is now creating Bulletproof Athletics Gym not only to continue with her passion but to also help others achieve their fitness goals.



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